LOTT Comb Set - "The B Is Silent"
LOTT Comb Set - "The B Is Silent"

LOTT Comb Set - "The B Is Silent"

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When God’s Hands aren’t enough…look no further than “The B is silent” comb set.

4 combs one pack.

Biggie – Biggie lives in this 22.5cm carbon cutting comb.

Smalls – Smalls is Biggies little bro…coming in at 18cm carbon cutting comb.

The Rat - Some say tail comb we like to say rat..23cm silicon comb including a 10cm metal tail…exceptional for foiling.

Fade Away – As beautiful as a Jordan fade away jumper from the 90’s…20cm silicon tapering comb best used for all your hairline detail needs.

Weight - 0.5kg


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