Mia Devries

The Queen of Colour herself, Mrs. Mia Devries and her team of “Glamour Girls” at The Fox and The Hair are a team of visionary colourists, session stylists, master cutters and rising talent.

To say that they are passionate is an understatement – they live and breathe hair!

Mia can:

  • blend colour better than mother nature’s rainbows.
  • bend hair better than beckham.
  • add shine that’s brighter than a diamond.
  • attract more social followers than a busty blonde who only takes topless selfies.

Often imitated (but never equalled) The Fox and The Hair team are the undisputed masters of freehand colour – check out their insta (@thefoxandthehair) for that seamless blend.

The glamour girls are constantly evolving the craft to stay lightyears ahead of the game – their work is recognised locally, nationally, internationally, and hell, possibly from space. #glitterspacebuns – still #trending 😉


Here’s what Mia can do for you:

Creative Colour
Freehand Colour
Creative Day