Marie Cain

‘The Man’ might tell you that:

Marie Cain is addicted to cool undone street style hair and working with a multitude of hair textures, whilst using colour creatively to achieve the overall feel. Intoxicated by hairdressing, fashion and making clients look great is what fuels Marie’s passion for what she does.’

But Marie herself puts it best (after just hopping off a plane):
I want to teach whatever suits ur vibe u know love the bloody beach Hair and texture and shit and hell love colour but maybe i need to keep that for goldy then styling I can do pretty ok at and I can cut too I can shampoos but I normally drown them but I give a hell good head massage like it’s really really good but I guess u aren’t looking for educators in head massage I guess at some point u would like/love for me to stop taking the piss I’m not but the banter is a lol.
Translation: I want my clients to look the best they can, and as we know hair plays such a big part of that. Whether it be the ultimate beach texture, a sexy blow dry or smooth shiny hair, I can‘t do it without color!
Marie and the team at Head Studio can teahc you a thing or two about the importance of kit, mood boarding, all sorts of colour work (seriously, you name it & Marie knows it) and photographic work.


Here’s what Marie can do for you:

Advanced Cutting
Foundation Colour
Creative Colour
Freehand Colour
Creative Day
Photo Shoot