Brodie-Lee Stubbins

Pocket Rokstar rocket Brodie-Lee may only be 27 years old but already has a ton of words to her name: salon owner, business director, fashionista, trailblazer, forward thinker, prodigy, innovator, Braid Queen, Hotshots Rising Star… seriously dudes, this girl is going places.

Brodie is not your average Gen Y chick and where she leads, she wants others to follow. She completed her apprenticeship at the ridic age of 18 and then she did what any self-respecting teenager would do: she bought her first salon (err…what the actual f*$# ?!?!?)

Since then she’s gone from strength to strength, building up her Rokstar business, educating for loads of different brands, working backstage at the runway shows in Sydney and NYC, learning from the best (Sam McKnight’s Mastered program anyone?) and giving her clients what they want – hella good hair.

So what’s Brodie gonna do for you?

Well she knows that Gen Y-ers get a pretty bad rep and she wants to turn this shit around.  Hard work pays off – she’s not sitting around waiting for the magic to happen, she’s out there grabbing it all by the balls. She knows you better than you know yourself because she is you dammit!

  • Goal driven – check
  • Wannabe time efficient – check
  • Get well paid by maximising your column – check
  • Do beautiful, sexy hair – Check
  • Win at life – check check f*#ckin check

So if you are a Gen Y stylist and you want to #makeshithappen or a Salon owner wanting to get the best out of your young guns then check out our new #hairstylinghurricane. She cuts, she colours, she styles. She could just be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Here’s what Brodie-Lee can do for you:

Foundation Cutting
Advanced Cutting
Foundation Colour
Creative Colour
Freehand Colour